Art is a place between reality and dreams

 Mavi Recio 


 In 1996 she moved to New York where she took painting classes from 1997-1999 at the Art Student League of New York. One of her teachers there was Jack Faragasso under whose supervision she made the painting Hombre Posando. Professor Knox Martin oversaw her works Florencia, Long Island and  Mesa Roja, among others. From 2000-2003 she attended college in New York achieving, Magna Cum Laude, an A.S.S. in Commercial Art, Digital Technologies at Nassau Community College, New York, and becoming a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

 In 2004 she moved to Frankfurt where she partook courses at several schools. After a year, she met Sarit Alter-Lichtenstein, of Galerie am Park, with whom she started to work with acrylic and abstracts techniques, developing new ways to express her creativity. This has resulted in a rather different painting style best represented by her trees series.

 Along the way, many life-transforming experiences have molded her into the artist she is today.  Exhibitions:  

1990 Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid. 

1993 Taller del Prado, Madrid. 

1994 Taller del Prado, Madrid. 

1995 Taller del Prado, Madrid. 

1999 Nassau Community College, Long Island, New York. 

2000 Nassau Community College, Long Island, New York. 

2001 Nassau Community College, Long Island, New York. 

2003 Nassau Community College, Long Island, New York. 

2008 Haus am Dom Frankfurt am Main. 

2008 Galerie am Park Frankfurt am Main. 

2009 Susan Koment-Pink Tie Ball, Sheraton Hotel, Frankfurt. 

2009 Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main. 

2010 Evangelische Familienbildung Frankfurt am Main.

2012 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain.

2014 Torrelodones, Ayuntamiento, Madrid.

2014 Teatro Buero Vallejo, Guadalajara, Castilla la Mancha.

2015 Galería Duayer, Madrid.

2015 Conde Duque, Madrid.

2015 Feria San Chinarro, Madrid.

2016 Grup de Art, Barcelona. 

2016 Cruz Roja, Madrid.

2016 Conde Duque, Madrid.

2016 AEPE, Madrid.

2017 Colegio de Veterinarios, Madrid.

2017 Galería ALEMI, León, España.

2017 Galería Feel&Flow, Madrid.

2017 Colegio Caminos, Canales y Puertos, Madrid.